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In an effort to make this web site more useful to you, we present a list of other stuttering related web sites. If you think we are incorrect on our recommending or not recommending any site, please use the feedback page to inform us.

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Translations of Stuttering Foundation publications. 

Canadian Stuttering Association

The intent of this web site is to provide information on stuttering resources available both in and outside Canada in both English and French.



Resources in Chinese.


Information on stuttering in Danish


 Web site of the French "Association Parole Bégaiement" (Speech-Stuttering  Association).

alt text  Friends Who Stutter 

Support groups for children who stutter.


Information on stuttering in German

Great Britian

Web site for the British Stammering Association.

Great Britain

Association for Research into Stammering in Childhood

International Stuttering Association

This site features news from ISA member nations, the international agenda, the ISA constitution, ISA projects, member associations of ISA, etc.


"Word by Word—Understanding Stuttering".

An organization of support groups around the United States.


Information on stuttering in Norwegian

Stuttering Home Page

Provides extensive information on stuttering.


Information on stuttering in Swedish

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